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Media Misandry: Chip On Your Shoulder commercial

During the Superbowl, an ad for CURE Auto Insurance released an ad that made light of a male being assaulted. The woman is complaining about her personal life, while eating chips. One of the chips fall on her shoulder. The man tells her that she has a chip on her shoulder. However, she misinterprets hisContinue reading “Media Misandry: Chip On Your Shoulder commercial”


The hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is trending on Twitter. Please join in as soon as possible everyone. I believe the hashtag does a great job raising awareness to male victims of domestic violence. It exposes the double standards in the media. HuMANity supports Johnny Depp. Hopefully, you can join us in the fight for male injustice.

Gillette’s Historic Failure

IntroductionOn January 13, 2019 Gillette launched a controversial campaign, attempting to give legitimacy to the term “toxic masculinity”. This was kicked off with a commercial titled We Believe. The ad was created by Kim Gehrig-another woman assuming the role of gatekeeper for manhood. It implied that men were responsible for sexism, bullying, and sexual misconduct.Continue reading “Gillette’s Historic Failure”