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Kyle’s Stance On Gender Equality Is All Over The Place

IntroductionKyle Kullinski is a left wing political commentator, who’s known for his YouTube channel “Secular Talk”. He decided to take a crack at the subject in his video titled “Richard Dawkins: There’s A Men’s Rights Movement?” So, for context, Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist was at Kennesaw State. He was interviewed about a variety ofContinue reading “Kyle’s Stance On Gender Equality Is All Over The Place”

Female Predators: Isabel O’Shaughnessy

On January 21, 2019, feminists held a Women’s March in Washington, D.C. During the event J Owen Shroyer, a host for Info Wars, was interviewing someone from the march. Suddenly, one of the members of the march, inappropriately touched Shroyer and openly admitted to doing it on camera. The woman was identified as Isabel KennaContinue reading “Female Predators: Isabel O’Shaughnessy”

MRAs being lost in the Manosphere

IntroductionUnless your head is been under a rock, you’re completely aware of the antagonism that the men’s rights movement (MRM) receives from the media. One of the most misleading pieces of information that the media continues to spew is directly related to the manosphere. The MRM is constantly lumped in with other existing manosphere groups.Continue reading “MRAs being lost in the Manosphere”

5 Stupid Things About Steve Shives Videos

IntroductionSteve Shives is a left wing political commentator. He makes a series of YouTube videos called “Five Stupid Things”. In Five Stupid Things, he’s supposed to give five valid criticisms of a person, group of people, or an ideology. This series gets large amounts of views and is very prominent on his channel. Well, SteveContinue reading “5 Stupid Things About Steve Shives Videos”

Cop Planting Drugs On Handcuffed Man

A viral video shows a Jefferson Parish police officer detaining a handcuffed black man and planting drugs on him. There were 3 officers seen surrounding the handcuffed man. One of the officers can be seen looking around suspiciously. A woman could be heard saying “she’s recording”. The cop then gets up and rushes towards theContinue reading “Cop Planting Drugs On Handcuffed Man”

Joel Lacopelli Falsely Accused

In 2015, Joel Lacopelli was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year old while he cared for the child at Community Bible Church in Port Royal, South Carolina. He was arrested at his home and charged for sexually assaulting a minor under 11 years of age. Charges were dropped on August 20, 2015 for lackContinue reading “Joel Lacopelli Falsely Accused”

A Brief Organization Of The Men’s Movement

[This article was originally published on The Medium] IntroductionUnlike other demographics, men have a wide variety of communities that represent them. This is due to the fact that men have a variety of different ideas on how to handle the concept of men’s issues. Some communities have common interest and manage to affiliate with oneContinue reading “A Brief Organization Of The Men’s Movement”

DeAnna Lorraine Interview

DeAnna Lorraine is a congressional candidate running against Nancy Pelosi. She is a YouTube host, conservative political commentator, and a author. DeAnna attended the International Conference On Men’s Issues (ICMI)-a men’s conference-in August of 2019. While she was at the conference, she did an interview about men’s rights. During the interview, she said that sheContinue reading “DeAnna Lorraine Interview”

Media Misandry: iRobot Roomba commercial

In this commercial, the mother, the only woman present, is portrayed as an ordinary and clean natural human being. The males however are portrayed as animals to play off of the nonsensical stereotype of men being dirty slobs. This advertisement is completely appalling. I can’t even imagine why the company in question chose to airContinue reading “Media Misandry: iRobot Roomba commercial”