My name is Xavier (also known as X-man). I’m an advocate for men. The purpose of this website is to add content on men’s issues and provide a platform that takes men’s issues more seriously. This website will be used as a tool to promote a new narrative for the human rights of men

Female Predators: Leah Cordice

Leah Cordice is a married woman who was babysitting a 13 year old boy. In January 2017, while intoxicated, Leah went into the boy’s room while he was playing on his video game console. She then pulled his pants down and begged for sex. Meanwhile, she married her long time boyfriend, Daniel Robbins. Afterwards, Leah tried to falsely accuse the boy of raping her-but that claim was rejected.

Leah gave birth to the 13 year old boy’s baby. Social services denied him access to his children. Since then, he has been diagnosed with separation anxiety.

Daniel Robbins falsely assumed that the baby was his. He was completely traumatized after he saw the DNA results. He felt as if his wife never really cared for him.

In July, 2018 Leah was arrested at her home and received 30 months in prison.


Amy Cooper Racial Controversy

Amy Cooper has received a great deal of backlash after a video of her falsely accusing a Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man, of threatening her life. Christian Cooper had an encounter with Amy, who didn’t have her dog on a leash-violating park rules. Christian started to record the incident. Amy, not wanting to be recorded, started pointing her finger at him and charging towards him-asking him to put the phone away. Christian stayed silent and continued to record her.

Amy threatened to take a picture and to tell the police that “there’s an African-American man threatening my life”. She then proceeds to call the cops and again falsely claims that a black man is threatening her and her dog. During the call, she suddenly had a “distraught” voice as if she was genuinely terrified for her life-despite the video showing a completely different picture. “I’m being threatened by a man in the Ramble. Please send the cops immediately!” she shrieked.

The video went viral and Amy Cooper experienced backlash. Her employer fired her from her job. Her dog has been surrendered to the shelter that he was adopted from while the dispute is being addressed.

In an interview Amy apologizes, stating: “It was unacceptable. You know and words are just words and I can’t undo what I did, but I sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone.” Christian says he would accept her apology if it was “genuine”.

George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was recently charged for the death of George Floyd. There was a video released showing white officer, Derek, kneeling on George’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. George constantly pleaded to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. But Derek ignored this and proceeded to kneel on George’s neck-even after he was unconscious.

The video completely contradicts the officer’s original claim. The report originally claimed that George was resisting arrest. The video shows him face down on the concrete, with a police officer on top of him. That video caused an alarm to the general public and lead to violent protests. Police cars and buildings were set on fire.

Noticing these protests, the law reacted. They charged Derek with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

This charge was progress and gives people a small sense of relief. But, it doesn’t fix the entire problem. Laws need to be passed in order to stop this cycle. Police officers who abuse their powers and treat people inhumanely should be immediately punished. A protest shouldn’t be needed for something to change. Situations like this put distrust between the police and the general public. Similar to citizens, police should not be above the law. New laws need to be passed to fix this broken system. If that doesn’t happen, black men will continue to experience the treatment that George Floyd received.


Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her

Lying South Carolina woman arrested for blaming Black man in fake ...
Kristen Michelle Rimes

Kristen Michelle Rimes filed a police report on November 26, 2019, with the City Of Columbia Police Department, claiming that she was attacked by a black man wearing a hoodie in a Walmart parking lot. She went as far as to make a Facebook post about it.

Kristen Michelle Rimes | False Victim

The police investigated and realized that she was not at said location at all during the supposed incident. The police arrested her for filing a false police report.


Clementine Ford’s Covid-19 Tweet

Clementine Ford’s Comments
On May 23, 2020 prominent feminist Clementine Ford made light of men dying from corona virus on Twitter. As you could expect, this tweet drew immediately backlash-for obvious reasons. It wished death upon an entire demographic of people. It also jokes about covid-19, in the midst of the deadly pandemic.

Clementine Ford's recent Tweet done 'in incredibly poor taste ...
Clementine’s Tweet

Clementine Responding To Backlash
The backlash didn’t stop Clementine from digging herself into a deeper hole. Men and women were both calling her out. But that doesn’t fit her narrative. So she chose to only identify the men who were criticizing her. She referred to the men being justifiably upset as “fragile” for daring to criticize her. She thought comparing a comedian doing “dark comedy” was the equivalent of a feminist (with a son, mind you) hoping that a pandemic murders half the population. This shows her lack of intelligence on the concept of comedy and the concept of bigotry.

So what was her justification for her covid-19 tweet? She read an article about a father’s lack of childcare duties. So….this justifies her prejudice tweet? I don’t think so-and neither did anyone else.

Ford’s tweet of The Lilly article

An account informed her that she was digging herself into a deeper hole. She was informed that she should just delete the tweet and move on. She however snapped back and claimed that her tweet was completely justifiable.

Ford snapping back against an account

The Non-Apology
Finally, after realizing how much backlash she was getting, she chose to apologize. Well…sort of. She gave a large non-apology. Where she again justified her actions by claiming that jokes about men are just “punching up”. She goes on to claim that she was attempting to draw attention to the domestic labor that women have to burden. She then goes on to criticize men for not being “outraged enough” about this reality.
This was a total non-apology. She framed the issue as a “misjudgment” and a “lack of correct words”. Her tweet was flat out prejudice and used to garner outrage. She just didn’t realize that she would criticism from both men and women at such a large rate. Instead of holding herself accountable for her actions, she attempted to shift part of the blame and attention to men. This is not a legitimate apology. This is an attempt to free herself from responsibility despite being clearly in the wrong.

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This is a routine pattern of behavior from feminists on Twitter. Make outrageous statements. Double down on said statements. Pretend like the people criticizing you are “fragile” and “triggered”. Then cite your criticism to portray yourself as the victim.

The Angry Ladytbild's Guide tº: The Men in My Menchies Technique 1 ...

Gay Men Abused in Morocco

In Morocco, homosexuality is illegal. Which puts the gay community in danger. Even more so, during the Covid-19 restrictions being enforced in that country. As many activists have pointed out, the Covid-19 restrictions prevent gay men from leaving their abusive families. It’s bad enough that gay men have to deal with the limits that their government and families put on them. It’s worse having to deal with harassment from random infulencers.

Sofia Taloni, used Instagram Live to encourage women to set up fake accounts on gay chat apps. She was aiming to show how many gay men use the platforms-potentially their own family members. She wanted to “out” gay men who were hiding their sexuality. Men were using apps in order to link up in private, because Morocco has made LGBT organizations and meeting places illegal.

Photos of these men quickly circulated on the internet, leading to their abuse and harrassment. This action has put men in a deep depression. There is a FaceBook group called Moroccan LGBT Community, which gives support and advice to LGBT people. Since the online campaign, the number of men reporting abuse and asking for help has increased dramatically since the Instagram campaign. One student, who returned from France during the lockdown, committed suicide after identifying as gay.

Activists are encouraging these men to close down their accounts. Taloni’s account has been suspended. Unfortunately, the government and the police are still failing to protect or support gay men. Human Rights Watch is calling on the Moroccan government to enact the right to privacy. They are also hoping for the government to legalize homosexuality. This would allow gay males to receive better protections from law enforcement.

The Relationship Of Gay Men & Masculinity

In honor of Pride month, I would like to explore the complicated relationship between gay men and the rest of the world. Considering I’m heterosexual, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a gay male. However, I can tell you (from the many news stories of the violence and harassment they endure) that their situation is extremely unpleasant-to say the least. The negative perception of gay men is heavily attributed to the socialization men grow up with.

From a young age, men are taught that they aren’t “real” men until they find a woman who loves them. Their entire life accomplishments, personality, and identity all knocked down to second place for the value of a vagina. The constant “you don’t get pussy” attacks from men who don’t like listening to you complain about the negative treatment you feel you’re getting from society. Women using the “incel” slur as a way to shame you after running dry on actual arguments in the middle of debates. It puts men in this position to prioritize their sex life more than their mental and physical well being. When someone dares to break that status quo, there’s a problem.

This is where gay men-especially openly gay men-fall into the equation. They have the courage to let society know that they will kiss, hug, and sleep with whomever they damn well please to. It’s their lives and what they do with their bodies is their business. This mere fact keeps society up at night. The world can’t comprehend the idea of a man having control over his sexuality. It implies that he is creating his own destiny, not the one society has inflicted upon him. It gives him freedom from the stressful box that people try to keep him in. A man’s sexuality is treated like a prison. To escape that prison, without any form of unanimous agreement, makes him a threat.

It’s almost pathetic if you think about it. We live in a universe in which the simple reality of two men locking lips is enough to start a riot. Humans are almost threatened. It’s like they look at two men enjoying each other’s company and say “Who the hell do you think you are?”. They’re telling gay men that they have to get into a woman’s pants to be a true member of the masculine identity. And here gay men are looking at society and saying “Fuck you. I rather be with a man for my well being, than with a woman to appease the masses”. And, for that, they experience deadly consequences.

What seems like a superiority complex is actually a form of fear. In reality, the men conspiring these disturbing attacks are men who are insecure about their own manhood. They’re uncertain about what their future holds with this new wave of sexual tolerance. Their entire persona revolved around getting the key to a woman’s chastity belt. All of their life’s work was put towards achieving this one goal. And erasing that standard would render their entire identity meaningless. It would mean that their dedication to the vulva has no value in this new world. And so they must prevent this new world from existing.

You could feel the fear from the stings of their fists and the thrusts of their feet. The anger from their eyes being a mask to cover their tears and emotions. An entire identity forming within the saliva being spat from their mouths. And the words “faggot” being spouted as a way to lower the liberated soul to the level of their own. You would almost feel sorry for these people. They’re so scared about the safety of their own manhood, that they would threaten the safety of someone else’s. But then you remind yourself that the person you should be investing your sorrow into is the victim. Citizens getting their heads bashed onto the concrete. Characters who are punching bags for every lazy joke a sitcom could think of. Children who grow up to be disowned by their family members. All stacked up in a chorus line waiting to be persecuted by the men offended by their presence. While one can empathize with the perpetrators begging for an identity. We should offer all of our condolences to the victims of these homophobic attacks.

Men who commit these violent acts are trying to emasculate their target. If they can’t live comfortably with their own culture of manhood, why should they let gay men live comfortably? This is their dangerous form of thinking. It gives gay men the idea that they are the problem. And it brainwashes them into the assumption that they can just find a way to overcome the feelings that they were born with. But, it’s not true. Gay men are humans trapped in a world that openly rejects them. They’re stuck in a reality where the perpetrators are the heroes and the victims are the villains. It’s a nightmare. And the worse part of this nightmare is that it never ends. It goes on and on and it won’t stop until we fix it. Until we grant gay men the basic human rights that they deserve.

In honor of Pride Month, I felt it was most appropriate to make this long overdue article, speaking on behalf of the gay community. However, Pride Month shouldn’t be the only month to speak of this topic. As an advocate for men, it is my job to help men make it to the finished line-gay men included. Gay men are men. Your sexuality does not determine your manhood. And I am always willing to fight against the negative reception gay men face on a daily basis.

Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups

Male Feminist Michael Flood, writes for a website called “XY Online”. Flood uses the site as a platform to promote feminist propaganda and to spread misinformation about men’s groups. In 2011, he wrote a piece called “Let’s Stop Violence Before It Starts: Using primary prevention strategies to engage men, mobilise communities, and change the world”. On page 47, he created an entire strategy dedicated solely to discrediting father’s groups.

>Routinely push the lie that father’s groups are attempting to gain control over women. He also plans to push the lie that the members of this group are abusers.

>Reaching out to vulnerable fathers and using them as tokenist voices against father’s rights groups. Therefore, their inaccurate criticisms can come off as more legitimate.

>Using women who have abuse stories as a scare tactic. These stories would scare society into thinking that father’s rights activists are violent people who intend to physically assault women.


Feminist groups spend the vast majority of their time attempting to discredit men’s groups. They started off dismissing these men’s groups due to their small size and lack of popularity. To their surprise, men’s groups have been growing in popularity. Our noticeable growth prevents them from ignoring our existence. Instead, they have to spend their time trying to discredit us.
So Michael’s strategy isn’t too shocking. However, his open admission of this fact is a completely new approach. While most feminists will pretend to be completely ignorant about all of the backlash and censorship they encourage, Michael easily admits that this is the case. He doesn’t hide behind any claim of decency, he knows who he is and he acts accordingly.
At the end of the day, this is a small reminder that feminists go out of their way to slander men’s groups whenever they get the chance. If you’re a member of a father’s rights group, be prepared to fight back against the slander of Michael Flood and his supporters. This isn’t the first time that something like this happened and it won’t be the last.

Site: https://xyonline.net/content/lets-stop-violence-it-starts-using-primary-prevention-strategies-engage-men-mobilise

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