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Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her

Kristen Michelle Rimes filed a police report on November 26, 2019, with the City Of Columbia Police Department, claiming that she was attacked by a black man wearing a hoodie in a Walmart parking lot. She went as far as to make a Facebook post about it. The police investigated and realized that she wasContinue reading “Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her”

Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless

Jordan Evans, a former student at Northmont High School was stopped and searched by school authority figures after his teachers claimed that he smelled like weed. Evans was subjected to a search. No drugs were found. Katina Cottrell, his mother-a registered nurse, brought a drug test up to the school. He passed the test. SheContinue reading “Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless”

Black Man Discriminated Against Twice

Sauntore Thomas filed a successful lawsuit against his former employer for racial discrimination. He was hoping that he could move on from any more legal problems. Unfortunately, he found himself in a new one. Thomas went to cash his settlement checks at his bank, TCF. He attempted to deposit them into his bank account. But,Continue reading “Black Man Discriminated Against Twice”

Cop Planting Drugs On Handcuffed Man

A viral video shows a Jefferson Parish police officer detaining a handcuffed black man and planting drugs on him. There were 3 officers seen surrounding the handcuffed man. One of the officers can be seen looking around suspiciously. A woman could be heard saying “she’s recording”. The cop then gets up and rushes towards theContinue reading “Cop Planting Drugs On Handcuffed Man”

Black Men’s Health Project

The Black Men’s Health Project has been added to my Recommended page. This organization notices that black men’s health has not been a priority for society. They hope to change this. If you’re a black man, or someone who supports black men, please visit the site. You can also watch their videos on their YouTubeContinue reading “Black Men’s Health Project”