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The Young Turks Forget How Journalism Works

IntroductionDue to the use of the internet, men’s issues have grown in popularity. Not outstanding by any means, but a working progress. With the rising discussion of men’s issues, the men’s rights movement (MRM) inevitably attracted attention as well. The MRM had a sudden surge in popularity in 2010. This led to popular YouTube channelsContinue reading “The Young Turks Forget How Journalism Works”

Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy

Background>True Kitchen + Kocktails is a black owned restaurant that recently opened up in Dallas Texas. They have a DJ in the background playing music. Some black women took it upon themselves to stand up from their seats and start twerking. One woman stood from her seat, put he hands on the glass, and startedContinue reading “Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy”

Fake Bitch Bashing Month Controversy

BackgroundOn August 28, 2007, Jezebel published a satire article called “Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause , Uh, We Have” by Tracie Egan Morrissey. In the article, they openly mock male victims of female domestic violence. They laugh about the large amounts of physical abuse that women have committed against their male partners.Continue reading “Fake Bitch Bashing Month Controversy”

Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden

IntroductionIn an effort to remind black men how little the Democrat Party values our life, Joe Biden became their front runner in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, Joe Biden has been a leading voice of the Democrat party since the 1980s. During his political career, he’s played the role as the 2nd coming ofContinue reading “Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden”

Wikipedia Falsely Connects Men’s Rights With The Alt Right

Wikipedia, a free site that millions of people search for information, is willingly putting out misinformation and biased research on their site. Recently, in their latest form of misinformation, they attempted to connect the men’s rights movement (and the manosphere) to the alt-right. The alt-right is a confirmed hate group that openly promotes white nationalism,Continue reading “Wikipedia Falsely Connects Men’s Rights With The Alt Right”

Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Triggers White Women

IntroductionBill Burr is a stand up comedian known for “pushing the envelope”. In life, society feels uncomfortable talking about certain topics due to the lack of comfortability. Bill’s comedy attempts to address the elephant in the room and allow people to self reflect on their behaviors. If you’re a person who’s willing to self reflectContinue reading “Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Triggers White Women”